Springfield Police Department

Kenny Winslow, Chief

Field Operations Division – Patrol

Dyle Stokes


Field Operations Division Patrol 217-788-8311 – Dispatch Non-Emergency
Deputy Chief Dyle Stokes 217-788-8360 ext. 4235
Commander Don Mumaw 217-788-8630 ext. 4438
Field Operations Secretary 217-788-8397



The Field Operations Division maintains twenty-four hour patrol coverage, answering all calls for service and general public assistance requests. The Field Operations Division conducts the initial investigations on assigned incidents, preserves evidence and property, and effects arrests in accordance with state law, city ordinances and department directives. There are four shifts in the division and each one is supervised by a lieutenant. The lieutenants oversee the sergeants and patrol officers assigned to the division.

Lieutenant’s Office

Sergeant’s Office

Front Desk Officer

The Field Operations Division is comprised of the following sections:

Neighborhood Police Officer Unit
The NPO Unit is made up of eight officers, one for each beat. The NPO’s act as a direct liaison between the residents of their assigned beat and are tasked with focused problem-solving within that beat.

Beat 100 James Doss 217-741-0979
Beat 200 Dan Weiss 217-652-2255
Beat 300 Joe Behl 217-381-4851
Beat 400 Rhet Spengel 217-652-1481
Beat 500 Tamara Walcher 217-741-0988
Beat 600 Ed Higginson 217-741-0987
Beat 700 Matt Goulet 217-741-4782
Beat 800 Chris Jones 217-741-0981

To determine which beat you reside in click here for a beat map.

Traffic Unit
217-788-8385 Traffic Sergeant
217-788-8376 Towing

It is the goal of the traffic unit to ensure the safety of the motoring public by enforcing the Illinois Vehicle Code in a fair, efficient and equitable manner to reduce traffic crashes and injuries within the City of Springfield.