Springfield Police Department

Kenny Winslow, Chief

Neighborhood Police Officers

The Springfield Police Department has eight patrol officers assigned to the Neighborhood Police Officer (NPO) Program. Each NPO is assigned to one of the eight beats that divides the city. Their main goal is to improve the quality of life of the residents in their assigned beats. They seek to satisfy this goal by identifying problems and concerns of the citizens and acting upon them to develop an appropriate solution. The NPO also serves as a liaison between the department and the various neighborhood associations throughout the city.

To see which beat you reside in and who your neighborhood police officer is click here.

Beat NPO Officer Cell # Email
100 Officer James Doss 217-741-0979 James.Doss@springfield.il.us
200 Officer Bob Jones 217-652-2255 Robert.Jones@springfield.il.us
300 Officer Rikki Castles 217-381-4851 Rikki.Castles@springfield.il.us
400 Officer Rhet Spengel 217-652-1481 Rhet.Spengel@springfield.il.us
500 Officer Tami Walcher 217-741-0988 Tamara.Walcher@springfield.il.us
600 Officer Scott Ligon 217-741-0987 Scott.Ligon@springfield.il.us
700 Officer Matt Goulet 217-741-4782 Matthew.Goulet@springfield.il.us
800 Officer Chris Jones 217-741-0981 Chris.Jones@springfield.il.us