Springfield Police Department

Kenny Winslow, Chief

Criminal Investigations Division

Commander Kurt Banks
217-788-8345 ext. 4357

**For any media inquiries to contact Commander Kurt Banks.

The Criminal Investigations Division's main purpose is to conduct follow-up investigations of criminal incidents while maintaining a positive relationship between citizens and the department. The division liaisons and coordinates with the State's Attorney, Coroner's Office, and other law enforcement agencies within Sangamon County and the State of Illinois, to include Federal law enforcement agencies.

The Criminal Investigations Division is compromised of the following sections:

Crimes Against Persons
Sergeants 217-788-8345 ext. 4317 or 4367
Crimes Against Persons detectives are charged with investigating homicides, robberies, sex crimes, and batteries.

Crimes Against Property
Sergeants 217-788-8345 ext. 4351 or 4352
Crimes Against Property detectives are charged with investigating burglaries, thefts, and financial crimes.

217-788-8498 or 217-788-8499
The Narcotics Unit works in an undercover capacity to investigate drug-related crimes. The unit works hand-in-hand with both state and federal agencies to combat drug trafficking in Central Illinois.

Crime Scene Services
Sergeant 217-788-8345 ext. 4341
The Crime Scene Services Unit's main function is to collect evidence at the scene of a crime. The unit utilizes photography and video as well as many highly technical pieces of equipment to complete their tasks.

Crime Analysis
217-788-8345 ext. 4327
The Crime Analysis Unit is charged with collecting and disseminating crime information within the department. The unit also maintains or works with various computer databases to help facilitate the flow of criminal intelligence.

Sex Offender Registration
217-788-8345 ext. 4316
The Sex Offender Unit is responsible for registering and tracking registered sex offenders.

Crime Stoppers
The Sangamon/Menard Counties Crime Stoppers coordinator collects and disseminates anonymous citizen tips to law enforcement agencies.

Street Crimes Unit
The Street Crimes Unit consists of officers specifically assigned to address street level violence throughout the city of Springfield. The Street Crimes Unit works in a pro-active manner and in close cooperation with other elements of the Springfield Police Department to assist in apprehending offenders upon the occurrence of street level violence.