Springfield Police Department

Kenny Winslow, Chief


Kenny Winslow Chief of Police
Chief of Police Kenny Winslow

Chief’s secretary

The Chief of Police is responsible for the performance of the Springfield Police Department as its Commanding Officer. It is the goal of the Office of the Chief of Police to oversee the department and ensure that it functions effectively and professionally in accordance with state law and city ordinance and provides excellent service to the public.

The Office of the Chief of Police is comprised of the following sections:

Emergency Communications
Manager 217-789-2302
Analyst 217-789-2303

The Communications Section is responsible for the procurement and maintenance of all aspects of telephonic and portable radio communications for the department. This section maintains multiple department assets for field command, video surveillance and communications. This section also is a liaison between the department and the Sangamon County Combined Dispatch Center.

Legal Advisor 217-789-2393
The Legal Advisor is responsible for updating the department on new or changing laws/or court decisions, researching and answering legal questions from department members, and acting as the department’s attorney in court proceedings.

Internal Affairs
Lieutenants 217-788-8380 ext. 4124 and 4126
Secretary 217-788-8380 ext. 4121

Internal Affairs investigates all complaints from citizens and department sources when allegations of misconduct, violations of laws, rules of conduct, code of ethics, involve police officers or employees of the department.