Springfield Police Department

Kenny Winslow, Chief

Administrative Services DivisionShawn Handlin

Deputy Chief Shawn Handlin
217-788-8630 ext. 4355

Commander Ken Scarlette
217-788-8630 ext. 4357

The Administrative Services Division has many functions.

  • Collection and retention of official police reports and documents in accordance with state law and city ordinance.
  • Budgeting, accounting and payroll.
  • Overseeing, managing and maintaining the department's personnel files.
  • Research, establish and maintain a written directives system.
  • Maintain department computer resources.
  • Coordinate maintenance and service to department vehicles.
  • Coordinate and maintain the retention of police property and evidence.
  • Maintain equipment, supplies and resources necessary for the operation of the department.
  • Coordinate and host training for department members and other law enforcement agencies.

    Kenny Scarlette

The Administrative Services Division is comprised of the following units:

The Springfield Police Academy hosts and coordinates law enforcement training of all types. The Academy's firearms range is utilized by many Springfield Area law enforcement agencies.

217-788-8345 ext 4311, 4312 and 4313
The Police Fiscal Section is responsible for all fiscal matters of the department, including but not limited to budgeting, accounting, grant management and payroll.

The Personnel Section is responsible for overseeing, managing, and maintaining the department's personnel files, preparing personnel orders and maintaining all personnel transactions.

Planning and Research
Sergeant 217-788-8341 ext. 4156
Specialist 217-788-8341 ext. 4158
The Planning and Research Unit is responsible for researching and writing of all the department level directives, and maintains the integrity of the written directives system. The Unit is also responsible for the design, setup, installation, and maintenance of the department computer resources.

Property and Evidence
Main Number 217-788-8377
Evidence Officers 217-788-8318 or 217-788-8386 ext. 4494
The Property and Evidence Unit's main responsibility is to collect, store, protect, inventory and dispose of evidentiary and non-evidentiary property in accordance with state law.

Manager 217-788-8358 ext.4400
Clerks 217-788-8337
The Records Section is responsible for the collection and retention of official police reports and documents in accordance with state law and city ordinance.

Foreman 217-788-8423
The Supply Section is responsible for ordering and issuing department property and supplies.