Springfield Police Department

Kenny Winslow, Chief

Traffic Frequently Asked Questions

 Q.  What do I need to get my vehicle released from an administrative hold?

  • Step 1- Come to the SPD front desk at 800 E Monroe

  • Step 2- Obtain an Administrative Hold Verification form from desk personnel. The person obtaining the vehicle must show proof of ownership or have a notarized letter from the owner allowing that person to drive the vehicle. Proof of valid insurance must be shown at that time. During non-business hours the fee ($250 or $500) will be paid at the SPD front desk.

  • Step 3- During business hours the owner/driver takes the form to the Treasurer’s Office in Municipal Center West and pays the administrative fee.

  • Step 4- Bring the Administrative Hold Verification form and Treasurer’s receipt back to the SPD front desk.

  • Step 5- A vehicle release will be completed and the owner/driver will be directed to the tow yard that is holding the vehicle.

  • Step 6- Pay the towing company the appropriate fees and provide them with the vehicle release form.

Q. What are the standard tow fees in Springfield?

A. $75 for the tow, $25 for each 24 hours of storage. Storage fees are assessed when the vehicle enters the tow yard and then every 24 hours the vehicle remains in the tow company’s possession. As an example; when a vehicle is towed and then released 2 hours later the total amount owed to the tow company is $100.

Q.  If I don’t retrieve my vehicle from the tow company what happens to it?

A.  In accordance with the Illinois Vehicle Code a vehicle less than 7 years old must be held for 30 days from the date of tow. For a vehicle over 7 years old the IVC states the car must be held for 10 days. As a matter of policy the SPD holds all vehicles for a minimum of approximately 35 days. At the end of that time period a process known as Certificate of Purchase (COP) is initiated. When that process is complete the vehicle has a junk certificate issued by the Secretary of State (SOS) to the tow company that is holding the vehicle and the vehicle then becomes the property of the tow company.

Q. I have a parking problem in my neighborhood, who do I contact to take action on the issue?

A. If someone encounters what they believe is a traffic or parking problem in a neighborhood, contact the SPD Traffic Services (788-8357) or through dispatch’s non-emergency number (788-8311).

Q. Why are speeders allowed to continually speed in residential neighborhoods and why can we not get a speed detection trailer or a speed detail?

A. This is a simple case of supply and demand. All traffic complaints are directed to Traffic Services regardless of how they originate. Traffic Services has 2 sworn officers assigned to weekdays, 2 sworn officers assigned to DUI Enforcement and 2 speed radar trailers to address over 37 square miles of the city. When a complaint is received several factors are taken into consideration before deploying assets into an area. Often times a quick site survey reveals that what is perceived as a speeding problem is a perception issue. In residential neighborhoods where the houses are close together vehicles appear to be moving much faster than they truly are. Crash data and traffic pattern information is also analyzed to determine if there is empirical evidence to support the claims made in the complaint. When an area is designated for increased traffic enforcement activity several methods and tactics are used. Some of these tactics include radar trailer deployment and targeted enforcement details.

Q. I am involved with educating children and others in driving safety, can SPD Traffic Services help me?

A. Yes! SPD Traffic Services officers are highly trained and experienced in traffic and driver safety. By contacting the Traffic Services Supervisor at 788-8357 arrangements can be made to provide safety and driver training for audiences of all ages. SPD Traffic Services officers are trained in alcohol and drug impairment detection, juvenile directed traffic safety programs and new/young driver education. SPD Traffic Services has a Seatbelt Convincer which few agencies in this area possess. This equipment dramatically demonstrates the importance and effectiveness of occupant restraints. We also have access to driving simulations involving moving vehicles and impairment simulators such as ‘Drunk Goggles’.